EVA Interlayer in Laminating Oven Silicone Bag

Silicone Bag for Laminated Smart Glass with EVA Interlayer in Laminating Oven

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+SMART GLASS FILM is laminated with special polymer film, which allows
people to control the transparency of the final laminated glass. The
SMART GLASS FILM CHOICE can be controlled by electronic, sound,
sunlight etc. Generally, the Smart Glass (Privacy Glass) FILM is
translucent when the Smart Choice is off and transparent when the
Smart Choice is on. The Smart Glass can provide privacy, light control
etc. for people. Smart Glass technologies include electro chromic
devices, suspended particle devices, Micro-Blinds and liquid crystal

+The Translucent State of SMART GLASS FILM(Privacy Glass)
The SMART GLASS FILM(Privacy Glass) is composed by two transparent
conductive film laminating with a polymer liquid core. And the
polymer liquid core composes crystal ball and polymer. When the light
pass through the SMART GLASS FILM(Privacy Glass) and reach the liquid
crystal ball and polymer, the light is scattering. And the SMART GLASS
FILM(Privacy Glass) appears translucent.
The Transparent State of SMART GLASS FILM(Privacy Glass)
When electricity power is connected, the polymer-liquid crystal core
is allowing light pass through, the SMART GLASS FILM(Privacy Glass)
appear transparent.

+Make Switchable Privacy Glass Solution with NON-ADHESIVE Privacy Film
by Laminating Method

The Composition of Smart Glass (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass )
-Two outside layers of float glass
-Two layers of laminating adhesive film inside the glasses, can be
Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film or Polyvinyl Butyric PVB
Interlayer Film
-Magic Smart Film, also named as PDLC FILM (Polymer dispersed liquid
crystal devices) in the center

+Silicone Bag for Laminated Glass Machine Laminating EVA Interlayer

+Product features:
Great heat-resistant,
Great aging-resistance ,
Great resistance to EVA
Long-use life,

+Product specification:
1) Common thickness: 3mm
2) Maximum width:3800mm without any joints
3) Any length
4) Common color: Milky (other color is available for custom)
5) Custom as customers require

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