EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate, a copolymer resin used in the production of laminated glass as the interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

Knowledge of Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film for Laminated Glass

Hi everybody, I am Peter Shin from China. I have been in EVA FILM
industry for many years. As many glass related workers still not
believe in EVA FILM, they don't believe that EVA FILM can replace PVB
FILM in many fields.
In the same time, EVA FILM has many advantages against PVB FILM.
So i think it's my job to spread EVA FILM knowledge to more people.
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EVA Film:
EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate, a copolymer resin used in the
production of laminated glass as the interlayer sandwiched between two
pieces of glass. The main function of the interlayer is to stick the
two piece of glass together, in order to make the sandwiched glass
safer and more secure.
EVA Film is made out of macromolecule material and it performs
excellent in bonding strength, heat resistance, cold resistance,
humidity resistance and tensile strength in laminated glass. It has
been partly taking the places of PVB film in laminated safety glass,
laminated art glass, laminated color glass.
EVA film is not adhesive before heating. After heating, it melts and
reacts. In the production of laminated glass with EVA interlayer, no
autoclave, roller press, air bag, or vacuum rubber ring is required.
As EVA interlayer can be processed under normal climatic conditions,
no clean room with climatic control is required. And the producing
machine of laminated glass with EVA Film is less cost and easier to

Laminated Glass with EVA Film
Laminated Glass with EVA Film is an important kind of laminated glass
in glass industry .The processing principle of EVA laminated glass is
similar to most of the laminated glass . Furthermore, using EVA film
to laminating glass does not require autoclave. All laminating
processing will be finished and completed in one vacuum laminator. EVA
Film for laminated glass has excellent transparency, outstanding
adhesion and aging-resistance (more than 15 years), can be used for
architectural glass, decorative glass with fabric, privacy glass, auto
glass etc.

Advantages of EVA film :
- High tensile strength
- Excellent transparency
- Outstanding adhesion
- UV protection
- High impact resistance
- Good temperature withstanding
- Water proof
- Humidity durable
- Long-term reliable (long-term aging resistance)
- Sound barrier

Names of EVA FILM for Laminated Glass
Some will call EVA Film in different name:
-laminated glass eva interlayer
-ethylene vinyl acetate film
-solar eva film
-glass lamination film
-glass laminating film
-laminating film rolls
-lamination film
-safety glass film
-tempered glass film
-security glass film
-glass eva film
-laminate film
-security laminate film
-decorative glass film
-stained glass film

EVA FILM Category
Based on the UV Blocked rate, the EVA FILM can divided into :
Indoor EVA FILM and Outdoor EVA FILM.
Indoor EVA FILM, of course, the UV blocked rate is lower than 50%. So
they can only be used inside building.

But how is it going to happen, if I put the indoor EVA FILM laminated
glass in outdoor using?
The indoor EVA FILM laminated glass will turn yellow in short period,
maybe two years, and bubbles will come out inside the laminated glass,
and the EVA FILM will break away from the glass.

For outdoor EVA FILM, the most advanced EVA FILM can absorb 99% of the
UV radiation.
But at least the UV radiation should be absorbed more than 85% percent
to be implied for outdoor.

Yes, it's not necessary to say but I want to mention that you can use
the outdoor EVA FILM for indoor.

Based on the transparence, the EVA FILM can divide into:
Ordinary transparent and super transparent.
Ordinary transparent, of course, means the transparence is good but
less than super transparent. Most ordinary transparent EVA FILM is
used in laminating with fabric and papers.
And generally speaking, the ordinary transparent EVA FILM are INDOOR
EVA FILM. And super transparent EVA FILMs are outdoor EVA FILM.
But because some people need the super transparence but not the UV
blocked rate, some EVA FILM manufacturer make the INDOOR super
transparent EVA FILM.

Based on colors, EVA FILM can divide into:
-no color transparent
-colored transparent (standard 8 colors in China)
-colored translucent (standard 7 colors in China)
-colored opaque
-Black (transparent, translucent, opaque)
-white (transparent, translucent, opaque)
The standard colors are:
Some companies can customize the color you need. First you offer the
samples, and they will adjust the color film samples for you to check.
But of course, the cost would be higher. It's different depending the
quantity of the color film you want to customize.

Based on thickness, the EVA FILM can divide into:
0.25 mm
Also, the EVA FILM manufacturer can customize the thickness for you.

Common problems of EVA FILM
Following are some common problems the EVA Film may have if the
Manufacturer produce bad quality EVA Film.
-Gluing of EVA,
- Mosquitoes
- Black spots
- Holes on EVA FILM
-for colorful EVA FILM, the color is not even.
- Knocked marks
- Yellowing of EVA and etc. …
Gluing of EVA
Which means the two layer of EVA FILM stick together, three reasons
can cause it:
(1) The EVA FILM is ultra-transparent film; they are easy to show
adhesives. In this situation, put membranes between the two layers of
(2) The temperature is too high, like the temperature in the container
is too high (maybe over 65 degree), which will lead the EVA FILM to
melt, and stick together.
(3) The film is too tight when it was produced, this is factory's
problem, they should loosen the EVA FILM when The EVA FILM are
circling to be a roll.

This is about the environment of EVA FILM factory; they should kill
pests in workshop, and avoid other mosquitoes to come in.

Black Spots
This is also about producing procedure in EVA FILM factory, the
workers should wear gloves or wash hands often, to make sure when they
touch the EVA FILM, and their hands are clean.

For colorful EVA FILM, the color is not even
It's about the procuring procedure of EVA FILM; maybe the procedure of
mixing the colorant is not good enough.

Knocked marks
This is caused in the transportation. The carrier is not carefully or
the EVA FILM is not packaged by wooden boxes.

Yellowing of EVA
It's about the formula of EVA FILM, which means the quality of the EVA
FILM is not good. So you should buy small trial order before you make
big quantity order when you work with a new supplier.

China's EVA FILM compared to Japan's EVA FILM
Yes, EVA FILM was first implied in Japan, like Bridgestone. At that
time, no other countries had used EVA FILM to laminate glass(Maybe i
am wrong, welcome to correct me). Yes EVA has been used in others
fields, like slipper and insider of cloth etc.
Not many years later, EVA FILM as a hot melt adhesive film was
introduced to China. but the quality is not very good at that time.
The EVA FILM is only used in decorative glass. Which mens the safety
of EVA FILM is not trusted.
But now in China, the EVA FILM after being modified by lots of times,
are in good quality and be trusted in safety properties.
And some European customers change the suppliers of EVA FILM to China
suppliers, because EVA FILM in China is inexpensive but at the some
quality of EVA FILM in Japan.
As we have compared EVA FILM in China and Japan.
The visible light transmission and ultraviolet light blocked rate are
as good as EVA FILM in Japan.
Now the EVA Film is wildly used in Architectural Laminated Glass, Auto
Glass, Privacy Glass(Switchable Glass), Safety Glass etc.
And EVA Film perform better is the laminated glass is used in the
environment of water, high humidity, chemical substances etc.

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