Laminated glass milestone: EVA interlayer blocking 380-400nm UV-A rays over 90%

Our CNC GLASS RESEARCH LAB has reached a milestone, by improving formula of EVA interlayer film, Our CNC super clear EVAFORCE interlayer film is able to block UV-A 380-400 nm radiations over 90%. 

 UV-A ULTRA-VIOLET RAYS(315-400) is best at penetration through glass to enter into buildings discoloring furniture, passing deep into human being skin, and doing harmful problems to human health.

Before we make the breakthrough of EVAFORCE eva interlayer formula, only some types of PVB interlayer film(like SEKISUI S-LEC PREMIUM UV BLACKING PVB FILM) is able to block UV-A rays of 380-400nm wavelength over 80%. 

None of EVA interlayer film in the market can block the wavelength of 380-400nm over 40%. 

Now,  CNC GLASS INTERLAYER( is able to produce the special type of super clear EVA interlayer film that is able to block 380-400nm UV-A rays over 90%, BETTER THAN PVB FILM. This is a great milesotne of EVA industry, and laminated glass industry. 

We will name this special type of super clear eva interlayer film as EVAFORCE EXTREME(PREMIUM UV-A BLOCKING) 


*1 Best protecting the furniture inside buildings from discoloration. 

*2 Best protecting human being health from most hamful UV-A rays 

*3 Less UV-A rays inside buildings, less flying insects attracted into building by UV-A rays 

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