thermo-cutters and spare blades, siliconic bags



Morning Peter
it is my pleasure to contact you on behalf of a customer, an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,importer and wholesaler of machinery and products for glass processing, for which I have the honour of acting as a consultant.

We’d like to receive your full catalogue and price list for Authorized Dealers.

We are particularly interested in: thermo-cutters and spare blades, siliconic bags, green tape for high temperature, and teflon mesh.
Along with your reply, please specify if you have any MOQ on orders. Thank you!

Thanks very mcuh for your inquiry.
We will answer your email in details very soon.

To order, please contact Peter Lin
Whatsapp: 0086 15013829504

EVAFORCE® SUPER CLEAR INTERLAYER FILM:for making architectural safety laminated glass

Super clear eva film
Outdoor white eva film series
Green tape for laminating, heating resistant
Thermal cutter trimming eva glass edges

Green Tape Preventing Melted Eva Film Over Flowing Out of Laminated Glass Edges in the Oven

thermo-cutters and spare blades, siliconic bags -